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Wild Salmon nuggets

Wild Smoked Salmon Nuggets

 Salmon and Maple make a perfect pairing. Salmons rich, savory side is nicely complimented by the gentle sweetness of maple syrup. These healthy bite size pieces of double smoked, Wild West Coast Sockeye Salmon cured in pure Canadian Maple Syrup are a true delicacy! We always use wild Salmon and pure Canadian Maple syrup, then double smoke them to create the perfect balance of the sweet and smokey flavor that only the best salmon nuggets are known for.  


Wild Sockeye Maple Nuggets make an incredible high protein snack that are great for school lunches and when on the go. They can also be used as salad toppers, mouthwatering tacos, added to charcuterie boards, or simply served as an appetizer that your family and friends will love! 


Proudly made in Vancouver BC using premium ingredients for a quality that can't be beat!

Frozen 1lb vacuum packed bags. 

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