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The Fisherman's Daughter Seafood was created by sisters Jaime & Brittany Hilborn. The sisters noticed how challenging it can be to find quality seafood that is also affordable. This is where the idea of the assorted seafood box was born. An opportunity for the general public to buy seafood at wholesale pricing without the commitment of high quantity purchasing of one product! 


The Hilborn family has been dedicated to producing the highest quality seafood throughout Vancouver BC for over 70 years. Since their young teens Jaime and Brittany have worked in family-owned seafood processing plants and retailing seafood to some of Vancouvers finest restaurants and grocery stores, and now to you and your family!

Our plan is to continue the family legacy in the seafood industry, providing our customers with affordable quality seafood they can be proud to serve!

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At The Fishermans Daughter Seafood we are committed to supporting sustainable Salmon Fishing. We work closely with indigenous and local fisherman in the West Coast that are conscientious about current issues and share The Fisherman's Daughters common goal: to ensure that fisheries and communities produce healthy seafood to the world, now and for the future.


Wild Salmon is one of the best ways to nourish ourselves without neglecting the earth in the process. It has one of the lowest environmental impacts and is better for our bodies, our minds, and our environment than any other animal protein.

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